21 Feb 2012 STFCP Show

5th and 6th Shih Tzu Fancier Club of the Philippines<br> All Breeds Show<br> PCCI Activity Center, Marikina<br> 21 February 2012<br> <br> Judges: Mr. Imran Husain (Pakistan) and Mr. D Kkrishnamurthy (India)

04 Feb 2012 PHGCI Dog Show

Phil Hound Group Club Inc.<br> All Breeds Dog Show<br> PCCI Activity Center, Marikina<br> February 4-5, 2012<br> <br> Judges: Ms. Cathy Camac (Australia) and Mr. Matgo Law (Hong Kong)

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Shih Tzu Grooming Video


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    Direct eye contact means that a dog is feeling bold and confident. Casual eye contact means he's contented. An averted gaze means indifference. Dilated pupils indicate fear.
    Relaxed ears mean that a dog is calm. Erect ears show that a dog is alert and attentive. Ears that are up and forward mean a dog is challenging or being assertive or aggressive. Ears that are laid back indicate that a dog is worried or scared.
    Paw lifting is a dog's way to call your attention. It may be an invitation to play or a means to tell you something else.
    Licking the lips is a sign that a dog is worried or is trying to appease a person or another dog. A relaxed mouth means a dog is calm. Lips pulled back is a challenging or warning sign, especially when combined with a snarl.
    A relaxed tail means that a dog is calm and at peace. A tail head straight out, wagging rhythmically and slowly, means that a dog is cautious or on guard. Tail down indicates worry or uncertainty.
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