Most of my online friends knew me by the name of Superness.

I am a new blogger so pardon me if I don’t know much about blogging. I am still in the process of learning these things. But being new to blogging doesn’t hinder me from making other blogs. I have another blog which is Kiss of Twilight.

I work as a freelance accountant/bookkeeper. I am a work at home mom — a mom to an only child and a furmom to my thirteen Shih Tzu. Aside from working at home, I also manage an online pet supplies store which I called Petness and Beauty. So just imagine how my hands are full and yet still making blogs.

I don’t go out of the house often. My house is my private world. It’s a place where I usually do most of my stuff — work, rest or even just having fun. I really prefer to stay at home most of the time. I guess this is due to my present work load. But if time permits, I join dog shows during weekends or just go out with my family.

So I guess you all know by now why I am using the name Superness.

For those of you who want to reach me regarding Totally Shih Tzu, you can send me an email at

Enjoy browsing my blog! Have fun!

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