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I would like to share with you my experience of having premature puppies. This is the first time it happened to me. My bitch was supposed to give birth next week (around May 29). But on May 21, she got sick. She had diarrhea so maybe it's the reason why she gave birth unexpectedly. This is the whole story: May 21: I was out the whole day entertaining my visitors.   Read More ...

It was one of my busy days when someone called me early in the morning. They were asking for my help regarding their Shih Tzu that was about to give birth. The Shih Tzu was only on her 53rd day which means that it was too early for her to whelp. I instructed them to seek the help of the veterinarian because, according to them, there was already a greenish   Read More ...

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I often hear these questions from my buyers: "Is this Shih Tzu puppy a show-quality or a pet-quality?" or "How many red marks does the puppy have?". I also keep on seeing ads that say "Show-quality Shih Tzu for sale". Moreover, most buyers prefer pet-quality shih tzu because they are cheaper than the show-quality ones. So, what really differentiates a pet-quality shih tzu puppy from a show-quality shih-tzu puppy? Honestly,   Read More ...

Are you planning to buy a Shih Tzu puppy but don't know how a Shih Tzu should look like? This article is all about the breed standard for a Shih Tzu. So if you don’t have any idea on what a Shih Tzu should look like, this might help you. The AKC Shih Tzu Breed Standard was approved on May 9, 1989 and became effective on June 29, 1989. The   Read More ...

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    Licking the lips is a sign that a dog is worried or is trying to appease a person or another dog. A relaxed mouth means a dog is calm. Lips pulled back is a challenging or warning sign, especially when combined with a snarl.
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