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A Shih Tzu specialty show was held in PCCI Activity Center, Marikina last 21 February 2012.  Judges were Mr. Imran Husain from Pakistan and Mr. D Kkrishnamurthy from India.  I wasn't able to take lots of picture during the show because I left my camera at home.  I used a point and shoot camera so I cannot take a closer image of all the shih tzu inside the ring.  These   Read More ...

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The Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, and Pomeranian are the three most popular dog breeds in the country, according to the Philippine Canine Club Inc. (PCCI), which announced the top 10 dog breed rankings for 2011 based on its annual registration statistics. The PCCI rankings show that small dogs prove to be a hit with Filipinos. The Shih Tzu, also known as the Tibetan temple dog, has been on the top of   Read More ...

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An all breed show by the Philippine Hound Group Club, Inc has been held in PCCI Activity Center, Marikina last February 4 and 5.  The invited judges were Ms. Cathy Camac from Australia and Mr. Matgo Law from Hong Kong.  Here are the photos taken during the said dog show:  

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I would like to share another method of doing a maintenance topknot for your shih tzu. This is a easier as compared to the first Maintenance Topknot article I published last year. Simply follow the images provided in this article and with a little practice, you can make a nice maintenance topknot for your shih tzu in no time.

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Ultrasound is a physical therapy treatment for muscle injuries. It increases the circulation of blood and aids in healing inflammation. It speeds up the natural healing process. It also helps control the pain associated with arthritic joints. Ultrasound uses waves that are converted to heat when tissues absorb the ultrasound waves. Ultrasound therapy works similarly as heat therapy. It decreases swelling, which speeds up the healing process, and reducing scar   Read More ...

Pure Paws is having their Halloween Contest. Simply post your favorite Halloween pictures of your 4 legged companions and let all your friends know so they can vote for your entry by liking your picture. Top three winners will receive 150.00USD in Pure Paws products. International entries are welcome! Post your photos on Get the most amount of "likes" by midnight on Halloween. Top 3 entries are the winners!!!

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My yaya call her baby alive. She is the only puppy left among the litter of five. She is doing good right now. Her two eyes are fully open. She can run towards her mom already. She is three and a half week old in this video. She is just starting to walk and yet she learned pretty fast. At this age, she is already running around her pen whenever   Read More ...

Acupuncture in dogs is being used as an alternative medical option for some illnesses. It is an energetic form of healing. Acupuncture uses needles that are inserted in the different parts of the body called acupoints. Tiny needles are being inserted in the body's acupoints to restore or redirect the flow of energy. One commonly used method of acupuncture is the electrostimulated acupuncture or simply called electroacupuncture. In electroacupuncture, the   Read More ...

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Finally, my baby puppy has opened her eyes. She opened her right eye only but I am still happy. I was able to see her facial expression with her eyes open. I am expecting that she will open her other eye by tomorrow. She is doing great today. She is showing signs that she is a strong puppy already. She can crawl around her bed. She can also locate her   Read More ...

One week since my fourth puppy died, I haven't written an article yet as to what happened to the last puppy that was left in my care. Well, I am so proud to announce that she is still alive and very healthy. I just hope that she stay healthy always. I want this puppy to survive. I love her face. Most of all, I love her will to survive. I   Read More ...

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