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Date of acceptance on a definitive basis by the FCI: 16 December 1957 Date of publication of the standard: 24 June 2015 Date of publication of the official valid standard: 18 March 2015 Country of origin of the breed: Tibet (China) Country of patronage of the breed: Great Britain Utilization: Companion Dog. FCI-Classification: Group 9 Companion and Toy Dogs Section 5 Tibetan breeds Without working trial. Brief Historical Summary People tend   Read More ...

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Does your dog’s night activity drive you dotty? Maybe you are desperate for blissful silence but unable to shut that Shih Tzu up? Read on for help with the shouting Shih Tzu and to understand more about his barking behavior. When you live with a Shih Tzu that barks at night it can be difficult to deal with the sleep disturbance. Yapping into the early hours is distressing for the   Read More ...

So you now have a dam who is ready to give birth in a couple of days.  Now what? Of course you have to get ready before her due date. But do you know what she needs while giving birth? Here are some of the basic materials you need to prepare before the grand date: 1. Whelping Pen - This is where your dam can give birth. It should be   Read More ...

What should you look for in a shih tzu breeder? Here are some tips on how to find a reputable breeder: 1. They are usually a member of shih tzu club or a national club like PCCI and show their dogs in conformation shows. A good shih tzu breeder belongs to a dog club and has a lifetime commitment in producing healthy puppies that closely conforms to the shih tzu breed   Read More ...

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Searching for a good shih tzu breeder is the most important decision you will make when selecting your new puppy. This person is responsible for your puppy's health and temperament. Finding a dedicated, responsible breeder is the key to having the shih tzu pup you will treasure for the rest of your life. Most responsible breeders maintain websites to provide you valuable information about the health, care and training of   Read More ...

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I am sharing this video from Dogs 101 posted by Walle9000. It is all about shih tzu and is great for new shih tzu owners. For those who are planning to own a shih tzu, I suggest you watch this video also.

I just want to share with you that Totally Shih Tzu has a new forum.  The aim of this forum is to help bring all shih tzu lovers together.  This can be our special spot where we can learn new things and share some knowledge about our beloved Shih Tzu breed.  This can also aid in the meet and greet of all shih tzu lovers.  I am encouraging everyone to   Read More ...

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I submitted this article as an entry for a contest. Unfortunately, I didn't win the said contest. I posted this here because I want to share this with you on how shih tzu changed my life. I always wanted to own a Shih Tzu since I was a child. I took care of other breeds of dog, hamsters, fish, birds but nothing can satisfy me except for a Shih Tzu.   Read More ...

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Grooming your shih tzu includes doing the daily maintenance topknot.  This is one way of preventing the hair of your shih tzu from breaking.  It will be better if you start training your puppy early.  If you don't know how to make a maintenance topknot, this article will teach you how to do it for your shih tzu puppy.  This topknot is usually done on puppies age two to six   Read More ...

I often hear these questions from my buyers: "Is this Shih Tzu puppy a show-quality or a pet-quality?" or "How many red marks does the puppy have?". I also keep on seeing ads that say "Show-quality Shih Tzu for sale". Moreover, most buyers prefer pet-quality shih tzu because they are cheaper than the show-quality ones. So, what really differentiates a pet-quality shih tzu puppy from a show-quality shih-tzu puppy? Honestly,   Read More ...

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    Yawning may indicate anticipation or stress. It increases heart rate and blood flow to the brain. Filling the lungs with oxygen and removing carbon dioxide. In fact, it helps a dog energize his body and gathers his wits.
    Tail held up and wagging fast indicates excitement. An erect tail is a sign of alertness. A tail held between the legs is a sign of fear.
    Mounting or standing above another dog by putting front paws on the other dog's back means asserting dominance. It isn't just a male characteristics for females do it too. Mounting is more often related to social status than to sex.
    Pawing is an appeasing gesture. Licking another dog's face is an invitation to play or sign of deference.
    Panting means that a dog is feeling playful, excited or stressed, or he may simply be hot. A dog with mouth and lips closed is uncertain or appeasing.
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