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In the previous articles of Totally Shih Tzu, you were given some guidelines on how to look for the right shih tzu puppy and choose a responsible breeder. I guess you already found your shih tzu puppy by this time and had taken the puppy home. There will be additional responsibilities waiting for you now that the puppy is already under your care. One of them will surely be grooming.   Read More ...

I hope my previous article here in Totally Shih Tzu helped you determine where to look for the Shih Tzu puppy you’ve been waiting for. Now that you have found a breeder who has litter of puppies, your next problem would be how to choose the right Shih Tzu puppy. First thing you need to do is to call your chosen breeder and set an appointment for your visit. Most   Read More ...

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I wanted to own a Shih Tzu ever since I was a child. My first Shih Tzu was just a gift so I never experienced any difficulty in finding my first puppy. If you have no other option but to buy for yourself or you wanted to buy for your special someone, how are you really going to find the right Shih Tzu puppy? Buying a Shih Tzu should not   Read More ...

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Are you planning to buy a Shih Tzu puppy but don't know how a Shih Tzu should look like? This article is all about the breed standard for a Shih Tzu. So if you don’t have any idea on what a Shih Tzu should look like, this might help you. The AKC Shih Tzu Breed Standard was approved on May 9, 1989 and became effective on June 29, 1989. The   Read More ...

Since this is my first official post here in Totally Shih Tzu, let’s start my blog about the early development of Shih Tzu. Oh, before anything else, I would like all of you to know that the plural term for Shih Tzu is still Shih Tzu – not Shih Tzus. “Lion dog” is the Chinese translation for Shih Tzu. It is also tagged as “chrysanthemum-faced dog” because of its chrysanthemum-like   Read More ...

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    Pawing is an appeasing gesture. Licking another dog's face is an invitation to play or sign of deference.
    Panting means that a dog is feeling playful, excited or stressed, or he may simply be hot. A dog with mouth and lips closed is uncertain or appeasing.
    Yawning may indicate anticipation or stress. It increases heart rate and blood flow to the brain. Filling the lungs with oxygen and removing carbon dioxide. In fact, it helps a dog energize his body and gathers his wits.
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