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  You want to learn how to do a maintenance topknot for your shih tzu? Here is a simple video that will show you how to make a maintenance topknot for your shih tzu.  The result of your first attempt might be a little different than what you will see in this video.  But don't worry, you can do it perfectly in no time.  Remember, practice makes perfect 🙂   Just make   Read More ...

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  Some of you have already heard of shih tzu coat in oil. And some of you might wonder, "do you really need to oil your shih tzu or is it better to maintain the coat without oil?" Here are some ideas that can help you decide whether to oil your shih tzu or not: Oiling is Not for Everyone A coat that has been maintained in oil usually cannot be   Read More ...

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I have heard of some using dish washing liquids on their pets. It also became a popular topic in dogs previously. Is it really safe to use dish washing liquids on your pet? If you are going to ask us, we do not and will not recommend it.  Want to know why? Here are some reasons on why you should not use Dawn dish soap (or any other dish soap) on dogs:   Read More ...

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Almost everyone wants their shih tzu to wear bands most of the time and look like this: Unfortunately, some of the shih tzu puppies are not used to wearing bands so they tend to remove it by scratching their head on the floor, walls or whatever they can find in order to remove the bands. So how do you make your shih tzu puppy wear his bands? In order for   Read More ...

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I sometimes hear that some pet owners are having a hard time grooming their shih tzu puppy. Why? It's because these puppies have not been trained to behave during grooming time. So in order to avoid this, the breeder should start grooming them as early as possible. Doing so will make the puppies get used to it. Puppies tend to get afraid of new things that surround them so you   Read More ...

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To those of us who have long haired breeds or breeds that require grooming maintenance, here are a few things worth noting: 1. Never comb the hair if it is too dry. This can lead to static and will damage the hair. Always mist the coat with coat spray when brushing. 2. Blow dry the hair after bathing your shih tzu. Too many people leave their shih tzu to dry on their   Read More ...

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I just want to share a simple way to tie the body coat of your shih tzu. This is very helpful in preventing the coat of your shih tzu from getting wet (especially for female shih tzu) while urinating.  This can also help lessen coat breakage just like when you make a maintenance topknot.  

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I would like to share another method of doing a maintenance topknot for your shih tzu. This is a easier as compared to the first Maintenance Topknot article I published last year. Simply follow the images provided in this article and with a little practice, you can make a nice maintenance topknot for your shih tzu in no time.

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I already created an article on How to Groom Your Shih Tzu Puppy. Now, I will show you how to make a maintenance topknot for your shih tzu. This is mostly applicable to shih tzu with long hair enough to be wrapped on a paper. As usual, you must have the Things Needed for Grooming. A wrapping paper is also needed. Just click on the picture to view the instructions   Read More ...

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Grooming your shih tzu includes doing the daily maintenance topknot.  This is one way of preventing the hair of your shih tzu from breaking.  It will be better if you start training your puppy early.  If you don't know how to make a maintenance topknot, this article will teach you how to do it for your shih tzu puppy.  This topknot is usually done on puppies age two to six   Read More ...

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