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What is Ehrlichia? Ehrlichia, named for the Dr. Ehrlich who first described them, is a special type of bacteria which infect and live within the white blood cells of their hosts. Different types of Ehrlichia live in different types of white blood cells. Hosts can be human, pet, or wild animals. They are spread from host to host by tick bites and their intracellular location makes them difficult to remove   Read More ...

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Firstly it is postulated that most dogs residing in areas endemic for ticks will test positive for antibodies and many will never display signs of the disease. It is not a recently discovered disease - it was first described in 1935 in Algerian dogs. However in 1962 a number of military dogs (GSD's) that had been stationed in Vietnam died of complications of hemorrhagic fever. It was later determined that   Read More ...

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Hopefully, your puppy will never need cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), but just in case it does, you'll need to be ready to respond immediately. First, determine if your puppy needs CPR. Check for breathing by placing your hand in front of your puppy's nose and mouth. Check for a heartbeat by listening with your ear on the left side of your puppy's chest directly behind the elbow. If your puppy isn't   Read More ...

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Ultrasound is a physical therapy treatment for muscle injuries. It increases the circulation of blood and aids in healing inflammation. It speeds up the natural healing process. It also helps control the pain associated with arthritic joints. Ultrasound uses waves that are converted to heat when tissues absorb the ultrasound waves. Ultrasound therapy works similarly as heat therapy. It decreases swelling, which speeds up the healing process, and reducing scar   Read More ...

Acupuncture in dogs is being used as an alternative medical option for some illnesses. It is an energetic form of healing. Acupuncture uses needles that are inserted in the different parts of the body called acupoints. Tiny needles are being inserted in the body's acupoints to restore or redirect the flow of energy. One commonly used method of acupuncture is the electrostimulated acupuncture or simply called electroacupuncture. In electroacupuncture, the   Read More ...

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Shih tzu are like humans. Their teeth need to be cleaned and examined also as regular brushing is not enough to maintain a healthy white teeth. There are certain areas in the teeth that cannot be reached by a toothbrush. That's why a dental prophylaxis is needed to prevent further damage to the teeth. Teeth cleaning or dental prophylaxis is not just simply for cleaning your shih tzu's teeth but   Read More ...

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Are you giving your dog an anti-heartworm medicine on a monthly basis? Are you having a hard time making your dog swallow it? If your answer to these questions is "yes", then Heartgard Plus might be the solution. It's a chewable tablet for the prevention of heartworm in dogs. If you want to know more about it, just keep reading. Heartgard Plus is manufactured by Merial Limited in NJ, USA.   Read More ...

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    Yawning may indicate anticipation or stress. It increases heart rate and blood flow to the brain. Filling the lungs with oxygen and removing carbon dioxide. In fact, it helps a dog energize his body and gathers his wits.
    Pawing is an appeasing gesture. Licking another dog's face is an invitation to play or sign of deference.
    Paw lifting is a dog's way to call your attention. It may be an invitation to play or a means to tell you something else.
    Panting means that a dog is feeling playful, excited or stressed, or he may simply be hot. A dog with mouth and lips closed is uncertain or appeasing.
    Tail held up and wagging fast indicates excitement. An erect tail is a sign of alertness. A tail held between the legs is a sign of fear.
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