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  You want to learn how to do a maintenance topknot for your shih tzu? Here is a simple video that will show you how to make a maintenance topknot for your shih tzu.  The result of your first attempt might be a little different than what you will see in this video.  But don't worry, you can do it perfectly in no time.  Remember, practice makes perfect 🙂   Just make   Read More ...

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Getting lumps while diluting your conditioner? You might be mixing your conditioner the wrong way. If you put cold water first then conditioner, you will really have a hard time mixing your conditioner with water not unless you use a blender or a mixer. The conditioner will not totally dissolve in water. You will get lumps. The proper way to dilute your conditioner is to use a hot water. Dissolve   Read More ...

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I have heard of some using dish washing liquids on their pets. It also became a popular topic in dogs previously. Is it really safe to use dish washing liquids on your pet? If you are going to ask us, we do not and will not recommend it.  Want to know why? Here are some reasons on why you should not use Dawn dish soap (or any other dish soap) on dogs:   Read More ...

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Many of today’s pet parents grew up with dogs in the family. Of course, experience living with furry friends doesn’t necessarily translate into good knowledge of dog training. There are plenty of mistakes made when teaching dogs how to be good household citizens, but here are five of the most common and problematic: Inconsistency – This can have many meanings related to dog training…and none of them are good. Whether commands   Read More ...

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Almost everyone wants their shih tzu to wear bands most of the time and look like this: Unfortunately, some of the shih tzu puppies are not used to wearing bands so they tend to remove it by scratching their head on the floor, walls or whatever they can find in order to remove the bands. So how do you make your shih tzu puppy wear his bands? In order for   Read More ...

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Watch Cooper as he sticks his tongue out on command. The owner taught Cooper this trick with the help of a clicker. He taught Cooper by clicking it whenever he stuck his tongue out. Cooper can now stick his tongue back in on command too.

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I sometimes hear that some pet owners are having a hard time grooming their shih tzu puppy. Why? It's because these puppies have not been trained to behave during grooming time. So in order to avoid this, the breeder should start grooming them as early as possible. Doing so will make the puppies get used to it. Puppies tend to get afraid of new things that surround them so you   Read More ...

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Young shih tzu puppies are like furry learning machines. Everything is new to them and they get curious in almost everything. They will either be a bad puppy or a well trained puppy depending on how the breeder will raise them. It is the responsibility of the breeder to train their puppies at an early age. So when is the best time to train your puppy? I think the best   Read More ...

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The Totally Shih Tzu forum features arcade games where you can play and beat other forum members with your high score. This will help forum members to have fun while sharing your ideas about the shih tzu breed. Visit the Arcade section to play some games.

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The Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, and Pomeranian are the three most popular dog breeds in the country, according to the Philippine Canine Club Inc. (PCCI), which announced the top 10 dog breed rankings for 2011 based on its annual registration statistics. The PCCI rankings show that small dogs prove to be a hit with Filipinos. The Shih Tzu, also known as the Tibetan temple dog, has been on the top of   Read More ...

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    Licking the lips is a sign that a dog is worried or is trying to appease a person or another dog. A relaxed mouth means a dog is calm. Lips pulled back is a challenging or warning sign, especially when combined with a snarl.
    Tail held up and wagging fast indicates excitement. An erect tail is a sign of alertness. A tail held between the legs is a sign of fear.
    Mounting or standing above another dog by putting front paws on the other dog's back means asserting dominance. It isn't just a male characteristics for females do it too. Mounting is more often related to social status than to sex.
    A relaxed tail means that a dog is calm and at peace. A tail head straight out, wagging rhythmically and slowly, means that a dog is cautious or on guard. Tail down indicates worry or uncertainty.
    Play bowing is an invitation to play and a sign of happiness.
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