I hope my previous article here in Totally Shih Tzu helped you determine where to look for the Shih Tzu puppy you’ve been waiting for. Now that you have found a breeder who has litter of puppies, your next problem would be how to choose the right Shih Tzu puppy.

First thing you need to do is to call your chosen breeder and set an appointment for your visit. Most breeders don’t entertain unscheduled visits so make sure to get one. Keep in mind that you are going to visit young puppies. These puppies are vulnerable to diseases so avoid bringing your whole family with you when making a visit. Also, when you are going to visit a breeder, make sure that you don’t come from the house of another breeder. You might want to avoid transmission of diseases from one kennel to another. If you want to visit two breeders, do it at two different days.

After a long search for the right breeder, at last, the day you have waited for has finally arrived. You are now inside the breeder’s home. The breeder will show you the puppies he thinks might suit you. However, there are breeders who do not allow strangers to handle their pup especially if the puppies only have one or no shot of vaccine at all. The breeder must also be able to show you the parents of the puppies. In some cases, only the dam (mother of the puppies) is at present because the breeder just hired the stud service of another breeder.

There should be interaction between you and the breeder. The breeder might ask questions to know you better and vice versa. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Responsible breeders are very open to questions. Breeders are there to assist you not only in choosing but rearing the Shih Tzu puppy as well. If the breeder is not willing to answer your questions, I suggest you turn your back and head home. You should never transact with a breeder like this.

There are a lot of questions that you can ask the breeder. It depends on what you want to know. Here are some possible questions you can ask the breeder:

1. How old is the puppy?
2. Who are the parents of the puppy?
3. Can you see the parents also?
4. Are there any known health issues with this puppy?
5. Are the puppies vaccinated and dewormed?
6. What food does the puppy eats?
7. Is the puppy well socialized? House trained? Groom trained?
8. Is the paper of the puppy already available?
9. Is there a contract of sale?
10. How long have you been breeding Shih Tzu?

The breeder must also be able to explain to you the things you need to know about Shih Tzu. He must be able to point out the strengths and weaknesses of his puppies. This can influence your decision on which puppy to choose. As long as you have an idea of the Shih Tzu you wanted, you can choose the right puppy for you with the help of the breeder. Just make sure you are choosing a healthy and lively puppy. Most breeders don’t release their puppy until they are at least 12 weeks old. So if your chosen puppy is below 12 weeks old, it may have to stay with its littermates and mother until they are old enough to be self sufficient. You may have to leave the puppy first and come back when the puppy is ready to go to his new home. There are breeders, however, who require a down payment to reserve a puppy.

Bear in mind that all these advices will be useless if you are dealing with unethical or irresponsible breeders. For this type of breeders usually have no word of honor. They are not true to their words. They are just full of sweet talks. They will never be at your side after they have gotten hold of your money. Always make sure you are dealing with responsible breeders. With responsible breeders, there will be a great chance that you’ve chosen the right puppy. So good luck!

As soon as you have your chosen Shih Tzu, come back at Totally Shih Tzu and I will be glad to share your story. You can email me at supernesskennel@yahoo.com

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