Acupuncture in dogs is being used as an alternative medical option for some illnesses. It is an energetic form of healing. Acupuncture uses needles that are inserted in the different parts of the body called acupoints. Tiny needles are being inserted in the body's acupoints to restore or redirect the flow of energy. One commonly used method of acupuncture is the electrostimulated acupuncture or simply called electroacupuncture. In electroacupuncture, the needles are attached to a device which generates electrical pulses. It is said to provide stronger stimulation. Electroacupuncture is used to treat muscuskeletal disorders like muscle soreness, back pain, chronic arthritis, slipped disk, hip dysplasia, degenerative joint disease. It is also used to treat digestive problems, reproductive related problems, epilepsy other nervous system conditions. Electroacupuncture is often used for dogs diagnosed with arthritis. It helps reduce the pain and inflammation by stimulating the central nervous system to release endorphins. Thus, blocking the pain pathways. Electroacupuncture may work on SOME dog but not for EVERY dog. Do not assume that it can totally heal your dog. I still recommend you follow the standard treatment of your vet since electroacupuncture is just an alternative form of healing. Although you can opt to combine the standard treatment of your vet and electroacupuncture. Who knows, electroacupuncture might help your dog recover faster.

A shih tzu undergoing an electroacupuncture

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