superness shih tzu elsaI sometimes hear that some pet owners are having a hard time grooming their shih tzu puppy. Why? It's because these puppies have not been trained to behave during grooming time. So in order to avoid this, the breeder should start grooming them as early as possible. Doing so will make the puppies get used to it.

Puppies tend to get afraid of new things that surround them so you have to introduce them to the grooming tools slowly. Do not force them during grooming time. This will make them very uncomfortable and will sometimes bring trauma to them. Instead of forcing them, make their grooming time enjoyable. And since they are still young, make sure that the grooming time is as short as possible because puppies usually have little patience on this. They usually just want to eat, play and sleep.

There are different techniques on how to start grooming shih tzu puppies. Some breeders introduce the tools first to their puppies. For example, they will let the puppies hear the sound of a clipper when turned on. If the puppies are already used to the sound of the clipper, they will slowly use it to trim the pups' coat. With this, the puppies will know that they will not get hurt when a clipper is being used. Another example is that they will let the puppies touch or smell the tools like the brush or the scissors. This will make the puppies at ease when seeing the said tools.

Another technique is letting the puppies play until they get tired. This is the technique I applied to this video. The puppy on this video is having his first grooming time so I let him play first until he gets tired. After play time, I simply carried him on my lap slowly and let him lie down. As soon as I got his trust, I slowly clipped his nails (which you can see at the beginning of the video) and trimmed the foot pads (later part of the video).

Use a small nail clipper when trimming nails. Remember, you are grooming a shih tzu puppy not adult 🙂 Avoid cutting the quick. I also usually advise not to use a clipper on a dirty coat. But in this case, I trimmed his foot pads even if he hasn't taken a bath yet. I chose to use a clipper instead of scissors because I find it easier to trim foot pads with this clipper. If you don't have a clipper, you can use scissors for the foot pads.

So did you notice how comfortable my puppy was at the end of the video? I didn't force him to lie down or anything and yet I was able to finish grooming his foot pads. You can see that he is almost sleeping while I groom his foot pads.

So if you want to train your puppy in grooming, try this one. It might work with your puppy 🙂

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Shih Tzu Grooming Video


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