I am posting this article for the benefit of those who are going to be in the US between May 21 and May 30. This is also for the people who can schedule a trip to the US on the said dates. You can consider this as an invitation to the grooming and handling classes that will be conducted by Pure Paws team on May 21, 22, 23 and May 28, 29, 30.

Grooming Classes

Pure Paws would like to invite you to come visit us and open a whole new panorama of the show dog world!

As an industry leader in professional grooming products, Pure Paws is always striving to bring you the best there is in skin and coat care products along with new and innovative grooming techniques from TOP Professionals around the world.

Over the years, the Pure Paws Groom Team has traveled around the globe to dog shows both Nationally & Internationally. This exposure has allowed our team the opportunity to bring back all the best there is to know in the most up-to-date grooming and training techniques.

Now back by popular demand Pure Paws will be holding classes again! We are proud to announce our first dates for classes opening up in 2010

* work side by side with experts in the field!
* increase your knowledge base in the ring!
* learn from the TOP handlers & groomers!
* see what makes a Top dog!

The best part will be making new friends that have the same passion and dedication as you. This is just the beginning of a new experience that will last you a life time.


Let the experts show you how to improve your handling techniques in and out of the ring. Pure Paws Handling

* Get hands on experience
* Class room Q & A time
* Video taped lessons
* Lesson manual

Pure Paws Handling After the handling classes, we will review the day’s lessons in class and make written suggestions of how you can modify or improve your handling techniques. Use your video to review the suggestions our professionals make for you and your dog.


Pure Paws GroomingIn the grooming portion of classes, our instructors will cover the following:

1. Grooming your dog for show days.
2. Maintaining your dog between shows.Pure Paws Grooming
3. Safety techniques when grooming both in the tub and on the table.
4. See how the professionals work with their tools of the trade: brushes + combs + stripping tools and more.
5. Discover their secrets of finishing work like: +trimming +scissoring +top knots +ironing, make-up, coloring, chalking and so much more!

We look forward to seeing you!

For more information about the grooming and handling classes, CLICK HERE.

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