I submitted this article as an entry for a contest. Unfortunately, I didn't win the said contest. I posted this here because I want to share this with you on how shih tzu changed my life. I always wanted to own a Shih Tzu since I was a child. I took care of other breeds of dog, hamsters, fish, birds but nothing can satisfy me except for a Shih Tzu. My life was in a state of disaster when I had my first Shih Tzu. I was experiencing emotional and financial problems during those days. I remembered the times when I even wished that I die. Oh well, that was in the past. I have a very different point of view in life now. My life took a turn to the right path when my partner gave me a Shih Tzu puppy as a gift. I tried to be a good mother and a provider for her. I brushed her coat, supplied her needs like a nice home, food, supplements and love. Since I don’t have a mentor and an internet during that time, I wasn’t aware that I was doing the wrong things for her especially in terms of grooming. As soon as the internet becomes available in our house, I’ve searched the internet and looked for a Shih Tzu puppy that can be shown, and then came Yhomi. I did my best to learn all stuffs related to raising a Shih Tzu – be it a pet or a show Shih Tzu. It’s not just giving food and bathing them. There are lots of things one must do for their Shih Tzu. And here are some tips I’d like to share to all of you: 1. I’ve learned that one should never use a slicker brush in grooming his/her Shih Tzu. There are certain areas wherein you can use a slicker brush (like the armpits) but never in the body. 2. Brushing must be done everyday to prevent mat from forming. You should mist the coat with grooming spray before brushing. 3. If you want to grow the hair long, you must tie it using a latex band (other type of rubber bands will just break your Shih Tzu’s hair). 4. Conditioner is a must-have for Shih Tzu. It prevents the coat from getting dry. 5. Hair in footpads and anus should be trimmed while hair in ears should be plucked. Use an ear powder to make plucking easier. 6. You should empty the anal glands regularly to prevent infection. 7. Shih Tzu needs their teeth to be brushed also like us. It would be best if you will use doggie toothpaste. 8. Another must have is a hair blower with a cool shot mode. Never use the hot mode of your blower as this will damage your Shih Tzu’s coat. Blow-dry your Shih Tzu every time the coat gets wet. 9. Nails should be cut regularly. Make sure you have a styptic powder beside you every time you cut their nails. Use the styptic powder in case you accidentally cut the quick. It will help stop the bleeding. 10. As for the items needed, the following are the items you will need for your Shih Tzu: premium food; vitamins and supplements (you don’t need these if you’re already using a premium food); water feeder; stainless dog bowl; a good pin brush; steel comb (for checking mats); pin tail comb (for parting hairs); grooming spray; latex bands; chin pillow; scissors; hair blower; nail trimmer; styptic powder; shampoo; conditioner; eye and ear cleaner; toothpaste and toothbrush; and cornstarch. Having a Shih Tzu changed so many things in my life for the better – in terms of my work, family, personality and outlook in life. Writing each of them would mean a very long article. So let me just share some of it. These were some of the most significant changes my Shih Tzu brought into my life: I really wanted to have another child. However, the responsibility in raising a child made me think twice. All of these fears were forgotten when it comes to all of my Shih Tzu. I know it’s not easy to own a Shih Tzu yet I have so many of them. But what can I do? They made my life complete. My Shih Tzu taught me how to be a responsible person. They taught me to love my work because, if not, I will have no money to support them and my family. I even worked harder to earn more, thus, the many part time jobs. They let me experience the feeling of having another child to raise (well, sort of). When they get sick, I run to my vet if I have to without considering the time and the clothes that I am wearing LOL. Actually it’s more difficult when it comes to them because Shih Tzu can’t talk. They can’t say where they are hurting unlike us humans so you have to interpret all their actions. They were able to make me interact with other people. They inspired me to put up my own business (my online shop). They made me strong enough to take some risks in life. And with all the things I have to do in my life, they made me feel that I am a superwoman. Hence, Superness was born. Right now, they make me long for another day so that I can hug and play with them the next day. They make me smile. They make me cry. They even make me worry. They always make me proud. It’s really nice to have a big family. I called it big because they are all part of my family. They let me feel that I am the greatest mom in the whole world (even only for my kid and my furbabies). They also let me feel what it is like to have a loyal companion. They have shown me that life isn’t just all about heartaches and problems. They make me realize that life is beautiful and I should enjoy every second of it. They make my outlook in life positive – that I can still be happy in spite of the many problems in life. They give me hope. So what more can I ask for? Aside from having a comfortable life and a happy family, I want my Shih Tzu to live longer even if it meant more responsibilities and more expenses. Besides, they make the sun shine on me and they all make me live again….
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    how come you cant use a slicker brush?

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