One week since my fourth puppy died, I haven't written an article yet as to what happened to the last puppy that was left in my care. Well, I am so proud to announce that she is still alive and very healthy. I just hope that she stay healthy always. I want this puppy to survive. I love her face. Most of all, I love her will to survive. I still remember the day she was born. She was the weakest puppy that came out from the mother. She was so weak that I need to tube feed her first taste of milk. I never thought that she will survive. For now, I have great hope that she will live. Since she passed the first two weeks of her life which I considered a critical stage for puppies. Right now, she is on her third week. I hope to have her on her fourth week, fifth week and so on until her 15th year. I am so excited and cannot wait to see her eyes open. She will see the world (and me of course) a few days from now. I will post her pictures with her eyes open. But for now, let me share her photos taken recently (her eyes are still close at this moment). img_3138-620x414 Her bonding time with her mother. Don't they look very sweet? These are her solo pictures: img_3150-620x414 img_3151-620x414 img_3153-620x414 img_3154-620x414 img_3159-620x720 And her cutest picture as of the moment. She found her way under the towels which serve as her comfort zone. Notice that she tucked herself in. img_3136-620x414
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  1. cuteness says:

    my dog is coming in six weeks its so tiny you can hold it with one hand

  2. Ninie says:

    My Shih Tzu, Jessie just gave birth to 2 male n 2 female puppies on sat(for the 3rd time).One of the male puppy(the 4th puppy) died after 21 day…..the puppy never drink milk from her mum….why is that so? i tried to feed her using bottle but it keep crying and today morning…..i found it dead.i was with the puppy till 1 am…The mum is very angry and keep barking….The other puppies are healthy…this so hurting and i scared she might fall sick…
    How is your puppy now?

  3. Superness says:

    Hi babygurl, this baby puppy of mine is still with me. Hopefully she’ll grow old with me. I’m just waiting for her to open her eyes and I’ll post another picture of her. You can bookmark/subscribe to my blog to read my future articles. Hope your babygurl will have a speedy recovery.

  4. babygurl says:

    Hi…just wonderin if you’re pup is still with your right now? 🙂 she’s really a cutie…i hope she’s still surviving 🙂 i just lost 2 pups last Sunday after our vet performed a CS operation. it’s really sad to have lost her pups…but i need to be very strong for my babygurl especially that she’s still on her recovery process…i hope you’ll post some recent pics of your baby 🙂

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