May 23: This is the second day of the puppies. They are still currently being tube fed but I still try to breastfeed them from their mother once in a while. I cannot leave the puppies alone with their mother because the mother doesn't want to care for her puppies. I am afraid she might hurt her puppies. There are times that although they are full, they still cry inside their incubator. I think it's because they are still trying to look for their mother's heat. So what I did was put them in my bra so that they can feel my body heat. I actually read this information in the internet and it actually worked. Everytime I put them inside me, they actually stopped crying. They are sleeping very soundly so I guess I will do this one most of the time they are crying. 9:45 pm - I was trying to breastfeed the puppies from their mother when I noticed that the mother is pushing something out. I immediately placed the puppies back to their incubator. To my surprise, another female puppy came out. Imagine it was almost 24 hours already since the last pup was born and yet here I am holding another newly born puppy. I can't believe that there was still one puppy inside her tummy because I checked it yesterday and her tummy is empty already. The last puppy that came out was very weak also. She barely can breath and cannot suck also. Here are the pictures of the puppies at one day old (Except for the last puppy which was born just today) : This is the fifth shih tzu puppy that came out one day after the last shih tzu puppy was born. This picture was taken right after I tube feed her. This is the first female shih tzu puppy that came out. This is the second shih tzu puppy and is the only male among the litter. The third born puppy. A female shih tzu puppy
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  1. mae mae says:

    he might be a little bit bigger than these guys i would add a picture if i knew how lol

  2. mae mae says:

    these are adorable and you say they were born prematurely? i have a puppy who i was told is 4 weeks and has fur and is still on the bottle but weighs only 6 1/2 ounces and is about the size of this.. hes not with his mother because she passed away after giving birth.. hes doing very well just about the size of my hamster lol

  3. Maltese lover says:

    I found your website whilst looking for info on premature pups and am very grateful of the information.

    My girl Maltese has just given birth on her 58 day, I never expected them to be so tiny, even though they were early. I had 1 still born and 4 left fighting for their lives. I have nursed them from the moment they were born as they couldn’t latch on and feed.

    The smallest weighing in at 2oz and the biggest at 4oz. this is her first litter. I visited vets for check up and all was well. I was told to go home, keep them warm and get mum to feed them.
    Unfortunately despite staying up from round the clock every hour to nurse, I sadly lost the second biggest pup girl the following day. The smallest still fighting strong stayed with us till the following evening and sadly lost her as well. My last two are still with me and hopefully going to fight strong to stay with us. I have never experienced such sad moments but am staying positive as the two remaining are latching on to mum. I just hope they get milk from her as she is going dry. I am trying to feed but they go to mum easier then bottle . So happy to hear of your survivor please prayer for us

  4. Superness says:

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. Maybe you can email me the picture of your litter and I will share it here in my blog. Wishing your puppy to be healthy always.

  5. Darlene Brown says:

    I can’t figure out how to post a picture 🙁 Oh, just wanted to let you know this too. This litter cries or whines all the time unless they are latched onto mama. It might be a premature thing. I feel so lucky that I did not have to tube feed any of mine. Take care, Darlene Brown

  6. Darlene Brown says:

    We just had shih tzu puppies born on the 25th that were a week early. They are very tiny too but luckily the mama is feeding them and taking good care of them. She had 5 puppies. Two were breech and I had to pull them. The smallest puppy is 1 1/2 oz. This was her first litter and I did not know what to expect with her. Our other female’s litters were all much larger. 5 or 6 ounces for the puppies. I took this litter & mama to the vet yesterday and they are all healthy. I did have them give mama a pitocin shot because she retained 2 placentas.

    I am so surprised to hear that you had a puppy born 24 hours after the rest of the litter. I hope that your puppies do well and it sounds like you are taking good care of them. I will see if I can post a picture of my litter.

    Darlene Brown

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