May 25 12:00 pm – I let the puppies feed from their mom. The last one to finish was the male shih tzu puppy. I thought they were all doing good already. After feeding, I made them poo and pee. Then I returned them to their incubator and let them sleep.

2:00 pm – I was surprised because I noticed that the male puppy got weaker. He was still doing fine when I fed him around 12:00 pm. I found out that he was having a diarrhea. The vet prescribed me a medicine for his diarrhea. As for his milk replacement, I used the electrolyte solution in making the milk solution. I gave the male puppy his medicine and as usual, tube-feed him the milk replacement. Despite giving him the medication for diarrhea, it didn’t help the male puppy. He keeps on pooing liquid stuff.

I continued to give her the electrolyte/milk replacement solution every 3 to 4 hours and the anti-diarrhea medicine every four hours. But it didn’t cure him. He gets weaker and weaker.

10:00 pm – I gave him his last medication and milk solution. But his body gave up already. I noticed that he is having a hard time breathing. He finally made a deep breath and that was his final one. I tried to revive him by giving him cpr (although my vet told me that cpr for dogs is different from the cpr for humans) and massaging his chest hoping that I can still make him breath. But to no avail. I decided to let him go.

It was very painful to me to see the puppies cross the rainbow bridge one by one. I felt helpless. I don’t know what to do anymore to help them survive. Now, I only have two puppies left. I hope that I can help them survive this time.




The first three pictures above is the male puppy feeding from his mom. He is still strong and doing okay in these three pictures.


This is the back part of the male shih tzu puppy. As you will notice, he doesn’t have hair on his back legs yet and barely in the body. That is why I am keeping all the puppies in an incubator because they need to have the right heat as they still cannot regulate the heat in their body.


This is my male puppy right after he went to rainbow bridge. I took these pictures of him. I want to remember that he became part of our lives also even on a short period of time. I will surely miss him and his littermates.


I know it’s a little gross but this is what his littermates’ poo look like. It’s a little soft but firm. But in his case, it was really a watery stool which caused his dehydration.

Just an update with the two remaining puppies:


This is the mother of the puppies I am currently taking care of.


This is the third female puppy. I thought she will be next in crossing the rainbow bridge because she showed signs of being weaker yesterday. She cannot feed on her mom so I tube-feed her the whole day yesterday. But to my surprise, she got a little stronger today. I still cannot believe that the male puppy who was stronger among the whole litter was gone already.

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  1. Maltese lover says:

    This is exactly how i felt when my biggest pup past away but the smaller one is still with us, I still have 2 remaining this morning. All is well but they are pooing a soft mustard colour not as in your picture above! Should i still be worried?

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