Another thing that shih tzu owners should watch out for is the Shih Tzu Fancier Club of the Philippines.  It’s a club that aims to promote the shih tzu breed in the Philippines and to enhance its improvement to world class standards.  They will also facilitate dog competitions and encourage unity among dog breeders & owners.  Another mission of this club is to promote dog sports.

A fun match organized by Shih Tzu Fancier Club will be conducted soon.  If you want to get updated on the events of the said club, follow them in Facebook at Shih Tzu Fancier Club of the Philippines

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  1. riena says:

    im a new owner of a female shih tzu,i want to be a member pls tell me how,thanks

  2. Jeff says:

    I’m a new shih tzu owner and would like to know more on how to take care of my cute Bubbles.

  3. Thank you for sharing this information! It’s good that Shih szu lovers have their own chance to meet up with others through this kind of organization. Pet owners will have the chance to relate and learn from co-pet owners. It will be great to share their own funny and lovable stories about their pets. It will also be a great time to make their owner and pet relationship stronger. The fun match seems to be interesting. I should share this with my cousin. He owns a very cute Shih szu named Shia. Good thing I ran on your post here on Thank you very much!

  4. Im a new shih tzu owner and would like to join your club but don’t know how.

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