I just want to share the video I found in youtube. It will be very helpful to those who have weak puppies. I would recommend you to try this one instead of tube feeding. It is very safe especially to those who are not very good with tube feeding. The miracle sponge mimicks or serves as a nipple to the puppies and let them do their own sucking. Puppies are not being forced in feeding with this method. Thank you Claude Bisson for sharing this to us.
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    Tail held up and wagging fast indicates excitement. An erect tail is a sign of alertness. A tail held between the legs is a sign of fear.
    Direct eye contact means that a dog is feeling bold and confident. Casual eye contact means he's contented. An averted gaze means indifference. Dilated pupils indicate fear.
    Play bowing is an invitation to play and a sign of happiness.
    Yawning may indicate anticipation or stress. It increases heart rate and blood flow to the brain. Filling the lungs with oxygen and removing carbon dioxide. In fact, it helps a dog energize his body and gathers his wits.
    Licking the lips is a sign that a dog is worried or is trying to appease a person or another dog. A relaxed mouth means a dog is calm. Lips pulled back is a challenging or warning sign, especially when combined with a snarl.
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