Shih tzu are like humans. Their teeth need to be cleaned and examined also as regular brushing is not enough to maintain a healthy white teeth. There are certain areas in the teeth that cannot be reached by a toothbrush. That's why a dental prophylaxis is needed to prevent further damage to the teeth. Teeth cleaning or dental prophylaxis is not just simply for cleaning your shih tzu's teeth but also for further evaluation of the oral cavity or other teeth problems that are present or might occur in the future. As we all know, dental disease progresses if not treated properly. Dental problems that are not treated properly mean longer treatments and, of course, bigger costs. So it is best if you can detect your shih tzu's dental problem earlier. The earlier the treatment, the better. How is it done? Your shih tzu should be under a general anesthesia. But before putting your shih tzu under anesthesia, vets require certain blood tests and a physical examination to be performed. This is to make sure that your anesthesia is safe for your shih tzu. However, some vets do not perform blood tests if they think your shih tzu is healthy based on their physical examination. They only do blood tests if your shih tzu is old or appears to have some health problems. But in order to be safe, it is best to perform certain blood tests before putting your shih tzu under anesthesia. After your shih tzu is placed under anesthesia, the vet will examine your shih tzu's teeth and will let you know what procedures are necessary for your shih tzu's teeth conditions. As for the teeth cleaning, a certain type of forcep is used to carefully remove the calculus (sometimes also called tartar) formed in your shih tzu's teeth. Then a scraper will be used to remove the excess calculus. Area above and below the gum line should be completely cleaned to prevent periodontal disease. After the cleaning, a solution is being applied to the teeth to give it a white look. How long does teeth cleaning take? Teeth cleaning usually last for 30 to 45 minutes only depending on the level and condition of your shih tzu's teeth. It is the recovery period of your shih tzu from the anesthesia that usually takes longer. You cannot leave the clinic until your shih tzu has been fully recovered from the anesthesia. You have to wait for them to wake up. This will usually take one hour. What should I do after teeth cleaning? As long as your shih tzu doesn't have major teeth problems, you can now bring your shih tzu home. They may still be tired from the anesthesia so you must let them rest. Older shih tzu may take longer to recover. Sometimes, it takes a couple of days for the senior shih tzu to be back to normal. If your shih tzu is not back to normal the following day, inform your vet about it so that your vet can advise you what to do. And of course, you need to brush your shih tzu's teeth regularly. Use a dog toothpaste and dog toothbrush. How much will teeth cleaning cost? The teeth cleaning costs little, around Php200 to Php400, depending on your vet. It is the general anesthesia that makes teeth cleaning a little expensive. Anesthesia may costs around Php1800 to Php2000. So prepare around Php2,000 to Php3,000 if you want to have your shih tzu's teeth cleaned. If you want to know where you can bring your shih tzu for a teeth cleaning, send me an email at and I will send you the contact information of a recommended vet dentist. Make sure you put Vet Dentist for Teeth Cleaning in your subject line. Here's the before photo of my shih tzu's teeth: Left Side Right Side And here's the photo after my shih tzu's teeth cleaning: Left Side Right Side You can view all the pictures in my album "Teeth Cleaning"
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  1. gwen mendoza says:

    hi! where did you have your dog’s teeth cleaned? and how much was it? were there any complications after?

  2. gweni says:

    hi! where did you have your shih tzu’s teeth cleaned and how much? i was also wondering if the dog could breathe well under anesthesia without oxygen? did your dog have any problems after the cleaning and extraction? hope you could answer my questions, i’m a bit worried about the anesthesia. thanks in advance!

  3. malou says:

    pls recommend your vet dentist. Thank you

  4. I used to have my shih-tzu’s teeth cleaned, too. It greatly minimizes the foul breath that dogs usually develop.

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