The Shih Tzu Forum in Philippines organized an EB last April 19. It was held in The Coffee Therapy in Fairview. The event started at 2:00pm and ended 6:00pm. The fun-filled event was organized by Sherleen Felipe and Jericho Jimenez. It was also a food-filled event. Drinks were bottomless, foods were overwhelming and there was also foods for the shih tzu that attended the shih tzu event. Lots of games and prizes were also given away. A grooming lesson was conducted by Gerard Catedrilla. Said event was attended by many responsible shih tzu owners. Many of us were able to attend the shih tzu eb despite the fact that the place was very far (imagine there were some who traveled from south to north just to attend this shih tzu eb). Plenty of giveaways were also distributed. Among the things distributed as giveaways and prizes were toys, bottle feeder, bands, dog food (given by Solid Gold), brushes (I almost got this one), clipper, shampoo, and many more. A big thanks to Ms. Cheryll Ann Limso who sponsored the said shih tzu eb. Without her, the shih tzu eb will never happen. It was a great way for us in meeting other responsible shih tzu owners. I want to share some pictures in our shih tzu eb. Enjoy viewing!!!

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  1. eginfante says:

    hello sir how do i join your club?

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