To those of us who have long haired breeds or breeds that require grooming maintenance, here are a few things worth noting: pure paws oat meal spray1. Never comb the hair if it is too dry. This can lead to static and will damage the hair. Always mist the coat with coat spray when brushing. 2. Blow dry the hair after bathing your shih tzu. Too many people leave their shih tzu to dry on their own resulting in cases of matted hair. Just make sure that the blower setting is not too hot. Use the cold shot as much as possible. Remember, if it is too hot for you, it is too hot for your shih tzu also. 3. Use your fingers when dematting your shih tzu's coat. Never force the hair out with brushes or combs. This is very painful and traumatic to your shih tzu. Always make sure to loosen mats first before bathing your shih tzu. Mats tend to become tighter after getting wet which will make it harder to remove. Pure Paws Silk Basics Line 4.Use the right shampoo and conditioner that are made for dogs and know how to properly use them. Avoid using human shampoo because dogs have different ph levels than human.There are several brands you can use like Pure Paws and All Systems. 5. Know your choices of brushes and combs. Pin brushes, for instance, should not have balls at the tips which can damage the hair. all systems pin brush 6. Attend more grooming seminars. This is part of our responsibility as a dog owner after all. Most of the grooming seminars conducted are free. So if you really want to learn, attend these seminars. Don't just get a shih tzu because you think you can cuddle, feed and bathe them only. It doesn't stop there so please know your breed very well and be responsible.
Note: This was originally written by Paul Pollentes in a dog group. I just made some revisions and added photos for reference.
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