I have heard of some using dish washing liquids on their pets. It also became a popular topic in dogs previously. Is it really safe to use dish washing liquids on your pet? If you are going to ask us, we do not and will not recommend it.  Want to know why? Here are some reasons on why you should not use Dawn dish soap (or any other dish soap) on dogs:
  • Dog's pH is 7, Human's pH is 5.5, Dawn's pH is 9
  • Application of a product with the wrong pH will disrupt the skin's acid mantel, creating an environment where bacteria, parasites and viruses can run rampant.
  • Dawn will dry and strip the skin and coat of all natural oils on skin. Remember, it is "tough on grease".  A dry coat will result in coat breakage, flaking skin and dull color with no sheen.
  • Canine skin is thin and sensitive and more susceptible to damage than human skin.  That is one of the reasons it has a protective covering of fur.
  • Damage to the skin will result in damage to the coat.
Here is also a direct answer from Dawn Dish on why it is not ok to use hand dish washing liquid on your pets:
"We have not tested the product for this so we cannot recommend it. The product may irritate your pet’s skin.
There are many products on the market designed specifically for cleaning pet skin, hair and fur without upsetting their natural chemistry.
You should ask a vet or a pet specialist for advice on cleaning your pet."
So for those of you that still want to use dish soap for their pets, you should think twice now. There are a number of dog shampoo that is safe to use on your pets. You just have to find out what works best with them. Just make sure that the product you are using is really safe for them.  One of the safest products you can use on your pets are Pure Paws products. You can also check out some of the safe products you can use for your pets at Pet Ness Beauty.

dish washing liquid on dog

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